U.K. 'D.I.Y.' and indie postpunk 1977-83

Track-lists are here for the entire Messthetics #100 CD series, as well as the original CD-Rs, (Messthetics #1-#8)
(See also Messthetics' original essay on D.I.Y. and Johan K's all-time top 100 D.I.Y. list)

North American punk 1976-84
Hyped to Death #1 (from the letter "R"); #2 (S), #3 (S & T), #4 (V-to-Z), #5 (A&B), #6 (C)... with plenty more to go after that...someday!

American power-pop & pop-rock 1974-84
Teenline #101 is powerpop from the letters R & S; Teenline #102 is all from the letter "S"...Teenline #103 ("T"), Teenline #104 does not exist, Teenline #105 (U-to-Z), Teenline #106 (A&B), Teenline #107 (B & C). Teenline #8 is LP cuts and unreleased from A, B & C bands.

American "D.I.Y." and indie postpunk 1975-85
postpunk/punkwave/artwave/experimental/??? The track-listings for the entire Homework compilation series are here.


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