Nothing but Hype

Well, actually we've been unbelievably lazy about keeping up to date with all this, but here's a sampling of rock-crits and e-ziners who've chattered more extensively about H2D, Teenline, Homework and Messthetics. Obviously, WE think they're swell.

So far there have been features on H2D CDs in Spin, the Village Voice, the Manchester Guardian, L.A. Weekly, Seattle Times, MRR, MTV's SonicNet News, Saint Louis Riverfront Times, Suddeutsches Zeitung, Sound Collector, the Daily Scotsman, the German Financial Times... and rave reviews in Shredding Paper, Razorcake, Hitlist, Amplifier, Creative Loafing, the Boston Phoenix, and 'zines galore.

Most all these folks still have everything their online archives: search for the publication and "hyped to death" (or "hyped2death" since some of them just reference the website).

Here's a few longer/more entertaining/ more recent? pieces for your amusement:

Messthetics Greatest Hits previewed by Bob Stanley (St. Etienne) in the Manchester Guardian (March 31, 2006) :"The Birth of Uncool."

For further background on Messthetics and its somewhat scruffier beginnings, read Simon Reynolds' [Rip It Up and Start Again] "Messthetics#2"

Sound Collector #8: Scott McDowell from Sound Collector and I had a long e-mail exchange, which appears (with his further commentary) in the new Sound Collector #8 (the photo on the cover is worth the price, but there's a CD and dozens more articles, too).

Messthetics fans and bi/curious'll have fun with Jack Helmsley's LONG ramble through the Messthetics series in the Ugly Things. Hard to believe a guy that smart doesn't "get" the genius of Paul Reekie or Wavis, however...

All sorts of people have weighed in on The Homosexuals' "Astral Glamour" 3CD...

And just for posterity's sake: here's SPIN magazine from December 2000: Andrew Beaujon's Basement Tapes column.

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