Tech support for pre-2003 CD-Rs

As many long-time customers have been discovering, H2D's first-generation, 1998-2003 CD-R compilations (Hyped to Death #1-61, Homework #1-8, Teenline #1-7, & the early Messthetics), other deleted titles, and early versions of some of our "solo" band material will not play and cannot be ripped on contemporary combination CD-DVD drives. The problem has nothing to do with the CDRs themselves, but rather with the DVD-compatible drive's inability to recognize "obsolete" 24x and slower 74-minute CD-R media.


(1) (simplest solution) If you have access to any older computer with a CD or CD-RW drive (that does NOT read DVDs) you will be able to mount, play and/or rip the CDRs without any problem.

(2) (comprehensive solution) If you have a bit of time and an old 5" USB or Firewire external hard-drive enclosure, you can install any old, working, tray-loading CD-RW drive into it, plug it into your current computer, laptop or pad and rip away - or use the external CD-RW drive to play the original CDRs any time you want. (Just be sure it's not a "combo" CD/DVD drive - especially if you're taking it out of an older Mac...)

(3) (for listening only) If you have access to any conventional CD-only player/changer, the CD-Rs will play perfectly. (Note that if you want to make real-time analog transfers, you could connect the player to your sound-card and use LP-transcription software, but because there are no gaps between the songs you're going to have trouble getting the tracks to separate...)

(not 4) There are NO good software solutions. As far as we know, no matter how "smart" the software is, your high-fangled, multifeature drive is unable to slow itself down enough in read mode to do an acceptably fast and accurate "read" of the older CD-R media (though please do let us know if you've found something that can)!

Finally, far be it from us to point anyone new to Usenet, but if you're already that kinda person, you'll almost certainly find MP3s of everything you need on thepiratebay and similar.

Sorry for the inconvenience - hope this has been helpful!

- the (Mess)management

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