Chemicals Made From Dirt -Ike CD
(Homework #203) Long Island's lords of artwave ranged from straight-ahead punkwave to loopy 50s- and 60s-popculture manifesti, but it's all genuinely unlike anyone else you've ever heard: 1978-1983. They called it "an avant absurd experiment...We liked the idea of breaking down meaning to the point of abstraction and then reinterpreting it based on personal associations and meaning rather than having any absolute meaning. Eventually we got stuck in our own muck, but of course we always were!" Tracks from their 45, one for the never-released Live From CBGB Vol. 2, and three studio sessions, all in glorious hi-fi...(And naturally, because it is on H2D, all 70+ minutes of it's loaded with first-rate hooks.)

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