Homework is Back!
The first three fully-remastered volumes in each of the Teenline and Homework series feature better sound, a few new tunes, and lots more info and links from bands.

Homework #101 (American punkwave, D.I.Y., indie post-punk & experimental: R & S: '76-86) Home-made classics 1976-1986. Screaming Urge plays the series' theme-song, Realtors, Rentals, Red Asphalt, Re*cords, Really Red, Radio Free Europe, Sneakers, Readymades, Social Climbers, Special Affects, Spanish Dogs, Mike Runnels, Secrets of Loveliness, 17 Pygmies, Real Wigs, Small Change and Screaming' Mee-Mees. First time on Homework for Speed Limit & the Rhythm Machines and a second Spanish Dogs track. 27 tracks.
Homework #102 (from the letters S, T & U: '77-86) More bent treasures and approximate pop classics from the Stroke Band, True Believers, Tiny Desk Unit, Student Teachers, Tommy Dog, Tom & Marty Band, Styrenes, Tidal Waves, Marc Thor, Two-by-Fours, SST, Teenage Boat People, Story of Failure, Tanks, Tenants, Underachievers, Telefones & Twinkeyz. 25 songs.
Homework #103 (from V-to-Z: '79-84). More unbelievably cool grooves from the usual assortment of the underrated, unhinged, undisciplined and unknown. Zoomers, X-X, Velvet Monkeys, Yo, Vores, Voodoo Idols, XXOO, Y Pants, Wild Stares, WKGB, V:-, Xmas Eve, Zoo Types and Blake Xolton 23 tunes. Includes a never-released Zoomers track from 1979. Buy'em now!

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