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There are hundreds and hundreds of bands on H2D so far -and maybe a thousand altogether over time- but you may have noticed we've barely touched the middle part of the alphabet, and there's all kinds of other folks we either missed or never found. So...

If your band played and recorded during the postpunk/D.I.Y. years 1977-1984 and you think your sound might be a good fit for Messthetics, Homework, Teenline or Hyped to Death, we'd love to hear from you. We may even have been looking for you ourselves! (We're also interested in hearing from DIY bands from around the globe 1975-1985, especially if you didn't sing in English, US & UK indie newwave acts, N.Z. and Aussie indie pop etc. etc.)

We're hoping that a certain number of kind-hearted and forward-thinking bands will save us some trouble and let us know who and where you are, without our having to wheedle, beg and google first. Chances are we've had your record (or at least we've heard, or heard of it), but if you did cassettes or never released anything commercially at all, please tell. We'll get right back to you and we can get talking about where there may be a place for you.

Depending on the release, bands get 6-10 copies of the CD-R or CD, mechanical royalties if you need'em, links to whatever related activities you want to plug online (within reason), and that small-but-growing measure of fame/glory/notoriety that only Hyped to Death can provide...

Opt in to H2D!

For now, these are a few things you might tell us:

e-mail us: info@hyped2death.com

If you can't do it that way, send an e-mail directly to:


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