TOXIN III -Iraq. Iran. (Again.) CD-R (H2D Archives #202)

TOXIN III -Iraq. Iran. (Again.) CDR (Hyped to Death Archives #202) 11 songs.
Crowley, Louisiana 1979-1981: punk bashing of the first order --and everyone's alltime favorite punk logo (please note that these guys hailed from several miles deeper into the woods than David Duke's old stomping-grounds, where taking such liberties with th'beloved stars-and-bars was not without its risks to life and limb...).

Here's all of the EP with "I Rock I Ran" and other all-time classics - plus five previously-unreleased studio tracks.
FYI, Toxin III is a strain of anthrax that was rumored to be in circulation during the Iran-Iraq war, then used against Saddam's own citizens ten years later...and then of course getting mailed around the U.S. by disgruntled domestic terrorists around the time that T3 leader Chris Cart and I started getting together on this project... Timeless. $9.00

'I Rock I Ran'
'Happened Again'
'Middle Class'


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