Homework #101 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave R & S: 1976-86

Homework #101 CDR (H2D #08B): American "D.I.Y.", indie punkwave, post-punk & experimental from the letters R & S, 1976-86.

Home-made classics from Screaming Urge (playing our series' theme-song), Realtors, Rentals, Red Asphalt, Re*cords, Really Red, Radio Free Europe, Sneakers, Readymades, Social Climbers, Special Affects, Spanish Dogs, Mike Runnels, Secrets of Loveliness, 17 Pygmies, Real Wigs, Small Change and Screaming' Mee-Mees. First time on Homework for Speed Limit & the Rhythm Machines and a rare second Spanish Dogs track. 27 tracks. $9.00

Red Asphalt - 'Red Asphalt'
Reversible Chords - 'Legalize Crime'
Realtors -'Where is Bed?'
Rentals - 'Gertrude Stein'
Radio Fre Europe - 'Alien Days'

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