UNDERACHIEVERS -Underfoot LP edition of 100 (Throbbing L. #11)

Underachievers - Underfoot LP 10-song LP (Throbbing Lobster #11) 1983-5:
The regular version is sold-out but there are still a few copies of the edition-of-100 version we did with a black & white cover...

At their best, the Underachievers were Boston's newwavy/garagey version of X. Noel [gtr/vox] and Carmen [bass: ex-Boston Groupie News] were a couple, and Bob [drums] and Cilla [vox] were another couple, and like John and Exene (in stereo), it all got worked out onstage... Some great stuff, some fun stuff. Bob MacKenzie drummed with GG Allin, the Lyres, the Mighty Ions, Beachmasters and many many others. Typically for Throbbing Lobster, the band broke up within a few weeks of the LP's release.

Normally the black-and-white covers looked okay but in this case it's just the black screen from the CMYK separations so it's pretty washed-out...but the records are perfect!

'I'll Be There for You'
'Friend O Mine'


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