Homework #104 CDR: “D.I.Y.”/punkwave/artwave/no wave, A&B: '78-8

Homework #104 CDR (H2D #48B): American "D.I.Y.", indie punkwave, post-punk & experimental from the letters A & B, 1978-83.

Bob, Ballistics, Babylon Dance Band, B Team, B.P.A., All Night Movies, Bunnydrums, Buddha Collection, A-Moms [The Algebra Mothers], B People, Amps, Broncs, Attack Under Attack, August Sons, Anne Marie & The Pistons, Amazement Company, Ambient Noise, Boom, Adaptors, Budguzzlers, Blue Collar, Buns, Alcoholics, and Bump Cars… 26 tracks $9.00

Bob - 'Thomas Edison'
Babylon Dance Band - 'When I'm Home'
All Night Movies - 'Not Human'
Bunnydrums - 'Little Room'