Homework no.10 CDR: American DIY/experimental/No Wave, ABC: 79-8

Homework #10 CD-R (H2D#70) Indie American experimental, postpunk and No Wave from the letters A, B & C: 1979-89.

Enjoy a[nother] spectacular survey of the artistic and the accidental, the homely and the home-made, the involuntary and the visionary, the unselfconscious and the unbelievably cool... with the Adults, B People, Cardboards, Carsickness, China Shop, Culturcide, Bound & Gagged, Band of Susans, Arms of Someone New, Bomis Prendin, Black Cat Bone, Brain People, Blue Trapeze, Robin Crutchfield's Dark Day, Chemicals Made from Dirt, Crash Course in Science and the August Sons. 20 tracks.

Adults - 'Call on Me'
China Shop - 'Kowtow'
The Arms of Someone New - 'Left to Right'
Carsickness - 'Falling'
Bound and Gagged - 'Chains and Polymers'
Brain People - 'Strange Things to Come'

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