MELL SQUARE MUSICK The Album double-CD (Detour OFFTB 007) Truly scruffy DIY punk from Messthetics #103 stars

Various Artists: MELL SQUARE MUSICK The Album double-CD (Detour OFFTB 007)

Gloriously scruffy DIY punk and ??? from Messthetics #103 stars: the complete document of the Solihull sound.

Detour: This Double CD presents four bands from Solihull in the West Midlands who first got together way back in the late seventies who all pooled their pocket money to create history… and again 30 years on!
Can't Play, Can't Sing... but 30 years on still releasing things!! only Peely could play that!!... *quote John Peel* the best in DIY Punk music! The true benefit of untrained punk musicians is it comes from the heart! Carelessly perfect punk! probably the best punk band in the world! If Beethoven had been a punk.... he would have sounded like this!! 4 local bands.....pappy punk, puppy punk, poppy punk....and PROPER PUNK!! Features the majority of the tracks from the legendary EP and many many unreleased tracks from all four bands that were recorded between 1978—1982

The Accused: finally stand trial!, examine the evidence!, judge for yourself!
The Undertakers: 6 dug up punk/new wave slabs from the vault
021: Punk/Powerpop with a polished edge
Cracked Actors: Punk with Glam Pretentions who played from a different script who always put on a stage show when playing live due to their Bowie influences.
Limited pressing of only 200 copies: $17

Features: 1. John Peel Radio Show (12-09-’79): The Accused-Solihull, 021-Don’t Wanna Be A Robot, The Undertakers-Illusions
The Accused: 2. Solihull Revisted 3. Police State (Live Star Club ‘79) 4. Photo-Copy Views 5. Bride Just Died 6. She’d Gone Punk/Hellhole 7. W.M.P.T.E. 8. Don’t Wanna Be In O21 9. London 10. We’re Crap
Cracked Actors: 11. Disco? 12. Statues 13. Calling for Time 14. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy 15. Subway 16. On The Line
021: 1. The Pop Song 2. Aversion (Take 2) 3. Class of ’78 4. Secret Lovers 5. Hitting Town Tonite 6. Words To The Wise
The Undertakers: 7. I just wanna . . . 8. Monotony 9. Sadistic Lady 10. Overload 11. English Nation 12. Three Coffins in my Head


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