ORANGE CARDIGAN -Cassette Tapes 1979-82 CD (Detour OFFTB016) Messthetics-ready cassette-band DIY-punk

THE ORANGE CARDIGAN -Cassette Tape Recordings 1979-1982 CD (Only Fit for the Bin 016) 12 tracks, limited edition of 200.


Detour: These 'Post-Punk-New-Wave,' Essex boys originally un-buttoned their musical career as far back as 1978, were influenced by bands like Television, Magazine and Pere Ubu, and made one hell of a commotion on stage! They built up a devoted and faithful following in Essex and East London, headlining many great gigs in their own right up to 1982 and supporting the likes of The Birthday Party, Tenpole Tudor, Zounds and The Lemon Kittens amongst others. Serious record company interest grew steadily, but despite finally signing a deal with 'Situation 2' the band did not release any material at the time. Now after 30 years some of the band's finest songs that have all been recovered from long lost cassettes have all been restored to their former glory. $13

1. Don't Turn Off My Life Machine / 2. I'm In Love With My Telephone / 3. The Electrocutioner's Assistant / 4. You’re A Spy / 5. Thieves In The Night / 6. Don't Sleep In The Subway / 7. Absolutely No Co-Ordination / 8. I Love You But I Think I Could Kill You For A Bribe / 9. Living In A Haunted House / 10. She Fell In Love With An Astronaut / 11. Elevator Raper / 12. I Like You But I Think I Could Kill You For A Bribe


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