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Here's an assortment of original 70s and 80s 7"s - mostly it's favorite records that I stocked up on for my mailorder business that ran from the mid-Seventies to 2000.

Ideally this would be a hybrid music-blog and retail space, but because this is a commercial website only partial MP3s are posted unless there are full versions on YouTube, band-sites or blogs, which I've linked to wherever possible.
Again, almost all of these are records that I liked and tried to hype at the time: the fact that they're still here demonstrates that few people believed me at the time, but here at last is the audio evidence to back me up...

Ideally this would be a hybrid music-blog and retail space, but because this is a commercial website only partial MP3s are posted rather than complete tracks.
Almost everything here is music I liked well enough at the time to stock up on - whether or not I ever managed to persuade anyone else to buy it (which, generally, I didn't!). So it's nice to be able to offer audio documentation to supplement the hype.

grading is standard: DISK/SLEEVE

DISKS: Most disks are UNPLAYED unless noted (or played once to make the MP3 samples). Nothing is graded better than "EX". Where possible I have linked to complete versions of the songs on blogs or on YouTube, but please bear in mind that the sound-quality there is apt to be substantially worse than the 128K MP3s here (taken from unplayed records). SLEEVES: Sleeves/jackets range from pristine to shop-worn, as indicated: again, nothing is graded better than "EX". The copies you receive will be as clean as or better than the copy shown on the website.
More importantly, please note that my scanner is tuned to the Messthetics "aesthetic": I want the images for Messthetics to look well-loved - like actual old records (which of course they are) - so it has been my preference to show ever tiny wrinkle, every sticker-stain, and every bit of yellowing. This is not such a good idea here, however, where I am trying to scan mostly new, unplayed stock to sell to collectors. So PLEASE understand that everything will look better in person!

POSTAGE is charged at cost. In most cases there should be a clear choice that corresponds with the quantity of records and/or CDs that you are ordering. One exception is that overseas airmail postage for 3 singles or 3 CDs (or a combination) costs $10.95. Please choose the 2- or 3 LPs Priority option. I'll know what it's for. If not, please write and I will tell you the exact amount (please contact info(at)hyped2death.com).

(Larger scans or photos of all listings may be viewed by clicking on the sleeve-images to the right)


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