HE'S DEAD JIM -Colour Climax ALBUM DOWNLOAD (Messthetics #215)

HE'S DEAD JIM -Colour Climax DOWNLOAD (Messthetics #215):
full download of all songs (in iTunes .m4a, or best-quality 320K .mp3 format), track-listings and a printable 12-page FULL COLOR booklet - filled with posters and photos that wouldn't fit in the, er, 'analog' version.

'Colour Climax / Monochrome World' is the should-have-been greatest hits (part 1) of Aberdeen's He's Dead Jim - from 1981-82 (and one track from '83). Across their career, HDJ released eight full-length cassettes - each of them bursting with hummable tunes - but they never darkened the door of a proper studio. If they had, they'd be all over Bored Teenagers or This is Mod, but they weren't mods at all, so maybe that's just as well! HDJ pay homage to all the usual school-band pop-culture deities from Fireball XL5 to Star Trek [obviously] to The Prisoner. Pure [trash] punk, a healthy dose of Mark E. Smith, and maybe some Billy Childish, as well, mix it up with peeved-teen quips like "...got no dry ice / to hide the fact that we're quite nice... / We want groupies (give us a break!)" ...Etc.
And somewhere in here we should point out that two of them went on to form The Cateran.

Colour Climax/Monochrome World includes over an hour of music, and comes with a 12-page pdf booklet filled with color stuff that's not in the regular issue.
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'Fab Gear'
'Our Generation'
'We Want Groupies'
'Colour Climax (Monochrome World)'
'Towel on the Radiator'

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