Homework #103 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave V-to-Z, '79-84

Homework #103 CDR (H2D #28B): American "D.I.Y.", indie punkwave, post-punk & experimental from the letters V-to-Z, 1979-84.

More cool tracks from the usual assortment of the underrated, unhinged, undisciplined and unknown. Zoomers, X-X, Velvet Monkeys, Yo, Vores, Voodoo Idols, XXOO, Y Pants, Wild Stares, WKGB, V:-, Xmas Eve, Zoo Types, Zyklon and Blake Xolton 23 tunes. Includes a never-released Zoomers track from 1979. $9.00

X-blank-X - 'A'
Wild Stares - 'All I Want'
Velvet Monkeys - 'Second Avenue'
Zyklon - 'Wir Sind'

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