OVERGROUND label: '77 punk & anarcho CDs

ANTI-CAPITALISM: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 4 (Overground 111)ANTI-CAPITALISM: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 4 (Overground 111)$13.00Buy Now
ANTI-SOCIETY: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 3 (Overground 107)ANTI-SOCIETY: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 3 (Overground 107)$13.00Buy Now
ANTI-STATE: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 2 (Overground 105)ANTI-STATE: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 2 (Overground 105)$13.00Buy Now
ANTI-WAR: Anarcho-Punk Compilation) Vol. 1 CD (Overground 103)ANTI-WAR: Anarcho-Punk Compilation) Vol. 1 CD (Overground 103)$13.00Buy Now
Art Attacks - Outrage & Horror   CD (Overground 58)Art Attacks - Outrage & Horror CD (Overground 58)$14.00Buy Now
Cravats -In Toytown 2CD (Overground 129)Cravats -In Toytown 2CD (Overground 129)$14.00Buy Now
Cravats -Land of the Giants 2CD (Overground 112)Cravats -Land of the Giants 2CD (Overground 112)$14.00Buy Now
Epileptics  ·Systems Rejects · CD (Overground 57)Epileptics ·Systems Rejects · CD (Overground 57)$14.00Buy Now
Jerks · Jerk Off · CD (Overground 65)Jerks · Jerk Off · CD (Overground 65)$14.00Buy Now
John The Postman · Puerile · CD (Overground 72)John The Postman · Puerile · CD (Overground 72)$12.00Buy Now
Long Decline · The Long Decline · CD (Overground 61)Long Decline · The Long Decline · CD (Overground 61)$10.00Buy Now
Naked -One Step Backward CD (Overground 122)Naked -One Step Backward CD (Overground 122)$14.00Buy Now
Nuclear Socketts -Overload CD (Overground 116)Nuclear Socketts -Overload CD (Overground 116)$14.00Buy Now
Pseudo Existors -Stamp Out Normality CD (Overground 109)Pseudo Existors -Stamp Out Normality CD (Overground 109)$14.00Buy Now
Rubella Ballet - Never Mind the Day-Glo CD (Overground 123)Rubella Ballet - Never Mind the Day-Glo CD (Overground 123)$14.00Buy Now
Satan’s Rats · What A Bunch Of Rodents CD (Overground 46)Satan’s Rats · What A Bunch Of Rodents CD (Overground 46)$14.00Buy Now
System - Is Still Murder CD (Overground 104)System - Is Still Murder CD (Overground 104)$14.00Buy Now
The Mob -Let the Tribe Increase CD (Overground 122)The Mob -Let the Tribe Increase CD (Overground 122)$14.00Buy Now
The Mob -May Inspire Revolutionary Acts CD (Overground 115)The Mob -May Inspire Revolutionary Acts CD (Overground 115)$14.00Buy Now

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1 x MESSTHETICS #102: London D.I.Y. (II)
1 x MESSTHETICS #108 CD: South Coast v.1
1 x BING SELFISH - Selfish Works 5-song EP (Messthetics #702) 1982 DIY/art
1 x MESSTHETICS #103: Midlands D.I.Y. (I)
1 x MESSTHETICS #105: Scottish D.I.Y. (I)
1 x MIDNIGHT CIRCUS -Richard, Roger, Rodney, Rastus, Raoul, Roderick
1 x PERFORMING FERRETS - no one told us CD (Messthetics #216)
1 x INSTANT AUTOMATONS -Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon CD (Mess210)
1 x 12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy -ltd 7" EP (Messthetics #701)
1 x STEVE TREATMENT - All Dressed For Tomorrow LP (Messthetics 1201/Munster) classic '78-79 DIY'n'roll
1 x HOMOSEXUALS -Astral Glamour 3CD (Messthetics #204)
1 x DIGITAL DINOSAURS -Extinction: 79-82 CD (Messthetics 207)
1 x MESSTHETICS' Regional series complete (10 CDs)
1 x BING SELFISH -Selfish Works 12" EP (1983+ltd sleeve)
1 x MESSTHETICS #107 CD: London volume 3
1 x HE'S DEAD JIM -Colour Climax/Monochrome World CDR (Mess.#215)
1 x MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS: the DIY cassette-scene vol.1 (#110)
1 x STEVE TREATMENT 2xCDR: 25 "A"-Sides / Your Friends (Mess. 202-3)
1 x CRAVATS-In Toytown 2CD Messthetics+Penny re-master (OVER129)
1 x GODS GIFT -Pathology CD (Messthetics #218)
1 x DRY RIB -Whose last trickle CD (Messthetics #213)
1 x PSYKIK VOLTS -Totally Useless 45 (Messthetics #703/Munster) 1979 DIY-punk repro
1 x DIGITAL DINOSAURS -"Huh?" CDR (Messthetics #209)
1 x MESSTHETICS #104: South Wales D.I.Y. (I)
1 x MESSTHETICS #101: London D.I.Y. (I)
1 x MESSTHETICS #106 CD: the Manchester Musicians Collective
2 x ANIMALS & MEN -Revel in the Static CD (Messthetics #201A)
1 x COWBOY MOUTH -Cowboys and Indians LP pre-Stiff original mix
1 x COWBOY MOUTH -Cowboys and Indians LP (Throbbing Lobster 13)
1 x CRYSTALIZED MOVEMENTS -Damaged Lights LP: numbered ed'n of 296
1 x BING SELFISH-Selfish Works 12": orig. 1983 disk, 125 numbered ed
1 x CRACKERS -Sir Crackers EP: Steve Almaas 1980, pre-Beat Rodeo
1 x BAGS (as SWAMP OAF) Boston '89 psych - numbered edition of 300
1 x COSTES -Secouez…Crevez! LP (Costes Cassette 001) 1986 first
1 x CHAIN LINK FENCE - Fireworks 6-song EP (Throbbing Lobster 4)
1 x BURNIN' RAIN -Iwaska LP: Dallas '90 Rockadelic garage-psych
1 x ANTiSEEN -Honour Among Thieves LP (Bona Fide) limited first LP
2 x CRAWLSPACE -In The Gospel Zone LP: '88 garagepunk 1st: blue wax
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