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The SHIVVERS -(lost hits...) enhanced CD (Teenline #201a)The SHIVVERS -(lost hits...) enhanced CD (Teenline #201a)$12.00Buy Now
ZOOMERS -Exist CD (Homework #204)ZOOMERS -Exist CD (Homework #204)$9.00Buy Now
ZOOMERS -Mike's Apartment CD (Homework #205)ZOOMERS -Mike's Apartment CD (Homework #205)$9.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #101: London D.I.Y.  (I)MESSTHETICS #101: London D.I.Y. (I)$16.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #102: London D.I.Y. (II)MESSTHETICS #102: London D.I.Y. (II)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #103: Midlands D.I.Y. (I)MESSTHETICS #103: Midlands D.I.Y. (I)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #104: South Wales D.I.Y. (I)MESSTHETICS #104: South Wales D.I.Y. (I)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #105: Scottish D.I.Y. (I)MESSTHETICS #105: Scottish D.I.Y. (I)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #106 CD: the Manchester Musicians CollectiveMESSTHETICS #106 CD: the Manchester Musicians Collective$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #107 CD: London volume 3MESSTHETICS #107 CD: London volume 3$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #108 CD: South Coast v.1MESSTHETICS #108 CD: South Coast v.1$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS: the DIY cassette-scene vol.1 (#110)MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS: the DIY cassette-scene vol.1 (#110)$11.00Buy Now
ANIMALS & MEN -Revel in the Static CD (Messthetics #201A)ANIMALS & MEN -Revel in the Static CD (Messthetics #201A)$11.00Buy Now
GODS GIFT -Pathology CD (Messthetics #218)GODS GIFT -Pathology CD (Messthetics #218)$10.00Buy Now
HOMOSEXUALS -Astral Glamour 3CD (Messthetics #204)HOMOSEXUALS -Astral Glamour 3CD (Messthetics #204)$29.00Buy Now
INSTANT AUTOMATONS -Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon CD (Mess210)INSTANT AUTOMATONS -Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon CD (Mess210)$10.00Buy Now
MIDNIGHT CIRCUS -Richard, Roger, Rodney, Rastus, Raoul, RoderickMIDNIGHT CIRCUS -Richard, Roger, Rodney, Rastus, Raoul, Roderick$9.00Buy Now

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1 x O POSITIVE - Only Breathing 5-song EP (Throbbing Lobster 9)
1 x COWBOY MOUTH -Cowboys and Indians LP pre-Stiff original mix
1 x BRUT 66 EP: melodic/primitive '88 shoutalong tradpunk
1 x BELL HEIRS -Shaking It Down: great '78 BigStar powerpop
1 x PRIMITONS - 6-song EP (Throbbing Lobster #8)
1 x CHAIN LINK FENCE - Positive 6-song EP (Throbbing Lobster 10)
1 x BAGS -Hide & Seek 45: Boston '89 massive power-trio crunge
1 x BADBEATS - Lies / Tell Her No (Beatbad 1003) Long Island '80 revivalist covers of Knickerbockers & Zombies
1 x LOU MIAMI - Rituals 6-song EP (Throbbing Lobster 10)
1 x BATTALION OF SAINTS -Hell's Around the Corner: '94 punkcore 600x
1 x UNDERACHIEVERS -Underfoot LP edition of 100 (Throbbing L. #11)
1 x BADBEATS - Tip of My Tongue/ One and One Is Two (Beatbad 1000) '79: '64-style Lennon-McCartney beat-songs
1 x BOXBOYS -American Masquerade 45: L.A. '79 F vox pop+ska
1 x NOBODY GETS ON THE GUEST-LIST! compilation LP (Throbbing Lobster
1 x BING SELFISH - Selfish Works 5-song EP (Messthetics #702) 1982 DIY/art
2 x LET'S BREED! compilation LP (Throbbing Lobster #2)
1 x A HEADS - Forgotten Hero (Bluurg #3) '83 F vox anarcho-punk
1 x The RISING STORM - Alive Again At Andover LP 1982 live, #d/1000
1 x PERFUMED GARDEN V.A. freakbeat LP (UK Psycho 6) original
1 x V.A. KICKS & CHICKS LP: 60s punk/garage/psych compilation
1 x ZOO BOUTIQUE -Forgive & Forget 45: Leeds '82 synth-wave
2 x XTC -Are You Receiving Me / Instant Tunes (Virgin 231)
1 x BIGGER THAN GOD - Time 45: stunning guitar-abuse doompunk
1 x About these records / additional postage instructions
1 x ANGRY SAMOANS -Return of the Queer Pills: live 'farewell' 45
1 x ANGST IN MY PANTS double EP: '80. THE D.I.Y. sampler
1 x 12 Minutes at the Hot Club Murphy -ltd 7" EP (Messthetics #701)
1 x BROOD -Since He's Been Gone 45: exc 4F hard garagepunk. Red wax
2 x D. CLINTON THOMPSON -Driving Guitars: '78 MORELLS surf/garage
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