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BRECK & SCOTT -Dream You Away CDR (Teenline #205)BRECK & SCOTT -Dream You Away CDR (Teenline #205)$9.00Buy Now
CHEMICALS MADE FROM DIRT -Ike CD-R (Homework #203)CHEMICALS MADE FROM DIRT -Ike CD-R (Homework #203)$9.00Buy Now
Homework #101 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave R & S: 1976-86Homework #101 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave R & S: 1976-86$9.00Buy Now
Homework #102 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave S & T: '77-86Homework #102 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave S & T: '77-86$9.00Buy Now
Homework #103 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave V-to-Z, '79-84Homework #103 CDR: American "D.I.Y."/punkwave V-to-Z, '79-84$9.00Buy Now
Homework #104 CDR: “D.I.Y.”/punkwave/artwave/no wave, A&B: '78-8Homework #104 CDR: “D.I.Y.”/punkwave/artwave/no wave, A&B: '78-8$9.00Buy Now
Homework #105 CDR: “D.I.Y.”/postpunk/artwave/no wave "C": 78-82Homework #105 CDR: “D.I.Y.”/postpunk/artwave/no wave "C": 78-82$9.00Buy Now
Homework no. 9 CDR:  "DIY"/punkwave A, B & C '77-86Homework no. 9 CDR: "DIY"/punkwave A, B & C '77-86$9.00Buy Now
Homework no.10 CDR: American DIY/experimental/No Wave, ABC: 79-8Homework no.10 CDR: American DIY/experimental/No Wave, ABC: 79-8$9.00Buy Now
KEEPERS –In the Meantime CDR (Teenline #206)KEEPERS –In the Meantime CDR (Teenline #206)$9.00Buy Now
NURSES -Destroy Your Friends CD-R (Homework #202)NURSES -Destroy Your Friends CD-R (Homework #202)$9.00Buy Now
REGULAR GUYS -Jayhawk Pop CDR (H2D/Teenline #201)REGULAR GUYS -Jayhawk Pop CDR (H2D/Teenline #201)$9.00Buy Now
SIDEWALKS - Rhythm Kids CDR (Teenline #204)SIDEWALKS - Rhythm Kids CDR (Teenline #204)$9.00Buy Now
The SHIVVERS -(lost hits...) enhanced CD (Teenline #201a)The SHIVVERS -(lost hits...) enhanced CD (Teenline #201a)$12.00Buy Now
ZOOMERS -Exist CD (Homework #204)ZOOMERS -Exist CD (Homework #204)$9.00Buy Now
ZOOMERS -Mike's Apartment CD (Homework #205)ZOOMERS -Mike's Apartment CD (Homework #205)$9.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #101: London D.I.Y.  (I)MESSTHETICS #101: London D.I.Y. (I)$16.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #102: London D.I.Y. (II)MESSTHETICS #102: London D.I.Y. (II)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #103: Midlands D.I.Y. (I)MESSTHETICS #103: Midlands D.I.Y. (I)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #104: South Wales D.I.Y. (I)MESSTHETICS #104: South Wales D.I.Y. (I)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #105: Scottish D.I.Y. (I)MESSTHETICS #105: Scottish D.I.Y. (I)$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #106 CD: the Manchester Musicians CollectiveMESSTHETICS #106 CD: the Manchester Musicians Collective$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #107 CD: London volume 3MESSTHETICS #107 CD: London volume 3$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS #108 CD: South Coast v.1MESSTHETICS #108 CD: South Coast v.1$11.00Buy Now
MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS: the DIY cassette-scene vol.1 (#110)MESSTHETICS GREATEST HISS: the DIY cassette-scene vol.1 (#110)$11.00Buy Now
TOXIN III -Iraq. Iran. (Again.) CD-R (H2D Archives #202)TOXIN III -Iraq. Iran. (Again.) CD-R (H2D Archives #202)$9.00Buy Now
VAST MAJORITY -What Do You Want To Be CDR (H2D Archives #201)VAST MAJORITY -What Do You Want To Be CDR (H2D Archives #201)$9.00Buy Now
ANIMALS & MEN -Revel in the Static CD (Messthetics #201A)ANIMALS & MEN -Revel in the Static CD (Messthetics #201A)$11.00Buy Now
DIGITAL DINOSAURS -"Huh?" CDR (Messthetics #209)DIGITAL DINOSAURS -"Huh?" CDR (Messthetics #209)$9.00Buy Now
DIGITAL DINOSAURS -Extinction: 79-82 CD (Messthetics 207)DIGITAL DINOSAURS -Extinction: 79-82 CD (Messthetics 207)$9.00Buy Now

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1 x The Mob -May Inspire Revolutionary Acts CD (Overground 115)
1 x Nuclear Socketts -Overload CD (Overground 116)
1 x Jerks · Jerk Off · CD (Overground 65)
1 x ANTI-STATE: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 2 (Overground 105)
1 x Flux Of Pink Indians Not So Brave· CD (Overground 67)
1 x BIG G -I Hate the Whole Human Race CD (OFFTB015) GREAT '77 punk!
1 x Satan’s Rats · What A Bunch Of Rodents CD (Overground 46)
1 x NO WAY -Senile Delinquents CD (Detour OFFTB002) '79 punks: 9 tracks recorded for Radio Tees
1 x ANTI-CAPITALISM: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 4 (Overground 111)
1 x OUTCASTS -Vive Lyon! CD (Spit Records GOB1) Live '83
1 x LUCYS - Flowers To You (Detour OFFTB 023) London '79-81 skittering/minimal Delta5 postpunk
1 x MELL SQUARE MUSICK The Album double-CD (Detour OFFTB 007) Truly scruffy DIY punk from Messthetics #103 stars
2 x ANTI-WAR: Anarcho-Punk Compilation) Vol. 1 CD (Overground 103)
2 x Long Decline · The Long Decline · CD (Overground 61)
1 x USERS -Secondary Modern 1976-79 CD (Bin Liner 009) '77 Raw label greats: 9 tracks
1 x PRIMITONS - 6-song EP testpressing (Throbbing Lobster #8)
1 x LET'S BREED! compilation LP (second pressing)
1 x COWBOY MOUTH -Cowboys and Indians LP (Throbbing Lobster 13)
1 x Outlets -Sheila/Valentine Song 45 (Throbbing Lobster 4.5)
1 x UNDERACHIEVERS -Underfoot LP (Throbbing Lobster 11)
1 x BILL LLOYD -Feeling the Elephant LP (Throbbing Lobster 15)
1 x UNDERACHIEVERS -Underfoot LP edition of 100 (Throbbing L. #11)
2 x Homosexuals T-shirt (S-M-L-XL)
1 x ANTI-SOCIETY: Anarcho-Punk Compilation v. 3 (Overground 107)
1 x Cravats -In Toytown 2CD (Overground 129)
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