Where Were You?

Here's a list of bands we'd love to have on board for the next round of Messthetics, Teenline, Homework and H2D CDs. Any assistance would be most welcome...
(We're particularly looking for hundreds of bands from parts of the alphabet that the original CD-Rs never got to, so anyone from E-to-Q -or anyone we've simply missed - we'd love to hear from you, too...)
e-mail chuck_at_hyped2death.com

Messthetics' current five most-wanted:
any information on:

The Architects [Enfield? 81]
Morris & the Minors [of the 'State the Obvious' EP: not the Kentish band NOR the ones who turned into Madness]
Base [a/k/a Mark Turner, ex-Essential Logic]
Plugs from Herts
Plugs from Lincs

Aquila [London 81]
Archaic Smile
Architects [Enfield 81]
Artistic Decline [L.A.]
The Artists Mean [Blackpool?]
Basic Unit
Bitter Lemmings
Blank Students
Boiled Eggs
Boo Hooray [Dundee]
Brain Damage [S.F.]
Bright Girls [Brighton]
Bruce Wayne Band [Lewis]
Tracy Burroughs [NYC '76]
Chanting in Tibet
Darkness [Manchester]
Robert Dellar
Devil's Hole Gang
Do Easy
Early Bathers [Swindon]
Fan Club [Brighton]
Fegs [Paisley]
Flak [Lancs.?]
Fly on the Wall
Fongu God
48 Chairs
Four Plugs
Frankies Crew
Freudian Slip
The Groove
Howdy Boys
Idol Death
Industrial Chipmunks
Islam O'Shea
Jetboys [OH]
Junk Art
Kabij [cassette genii]
Legs Akimbo [Birmingham]
Longport Buzz
Louder Animal Group [contact for Nick]
Man's Hate
The Mint
Modern Living [Leicester]
Morris & the Minors
Necrology Tapes
Orange [=Perfect] Disaster
Outputs (Cambs.)
Outsize Oddments/Rose Collis
Oxy & the Morons
Pant [Peterborough]
Performance [Manchester]
Plugs [Lincoln]
Politicians ['Commodities']
Reluctant Stereotypes [Northampton]
Replaceable Headz
Reverb & Barbed
The Roman Index
Kevin Salinger
The Shrouds
Sneex and Snyds [Scotland]
Surgeons ['Sid Never Did It']
Thermometers [Edinburgh '79]
This Bitter Lesson
Tone Deaf & the Idiots
Treatment [80]
Two Fingered Approach [Cheshire '82]
U Turn [Enfield 81]
The Warm
What is Oil? [Mike Stout]
Zipps [Belfast 78]

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