North American punk 1977-1984 (or so):

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R.A.F. -Cherry Blossom 3:22 (Whiplash 106)CT '80: New York was always just abit too close-by for Connecticut to establish much of a scene.In the words of the Saucers' Craig Bell, "It happened, butnobody noticed." The strictly-CT Gustav and Incas labelsput out some great stuff, but Big Sound and Whiplash, the twolarger indies, either got most of their bands from New York orsent them there. But the ex-N.Y. Dolls stuff on Whiplash definitelyopened record-shop doors for the local talent. For example, RickRivets produced R.A.F.'s sole release.

REACTORS -Cold Eyes 2:11 (Stress 01) Austin, TX '80: Mike Runnels was a mainstay of the Austin punk/new-wave scene throughout the early '80s. He debuted with another band called the Reactors, with Karl Schultz pre-Stains (who went on to become MDC). "Cold Eyes" was their only release.

REALLY RED -Too Political 2:09 // Teaching You the Fear LP (C.I.A. 006) Houston '80: Houston had arguably the most highly-politicized punk-scene in the U.S. and Really Red were reliably in the thick of it. Three brilliant singles and two LPs (one posthumous) all appeared on their C.I.A. label, which also did vinyl by Culturcide, Mydolls and Doomsday Massacre. Really Red's debut, "Crowd Control" never had a sleeve and never really sold, despite a tiny pressing. "Modern Needs" was #2 and then "Too Political" (which might pass for their theme song) came from their classic "Teaching You The Fear" LP, which has just been re-released on Empty Records --who'll be reissuing all the other RR material shortly…

REALTORS -Guilt By Association 2:31 // Buyor Beware EP (Realty 180) Santa Cruz '79: TheRealtors started off as JJ180, then pressed a brilliantpunk/punkwave EP before the Realtors Association sued 'em. Revertingto JJ180 (it's a fictional drug from a Philip K. Dick novel) theydid a few compilation cuts, and a whole buncha unreleased. There'sanother Realtors tune on Homework vol. 1, and a nice reissuein the works on RaveUp (and possibly much more!).

RED SQUARES -Modern Roll 1:47 (Nanxiety) Phoenix '81: Now, five Three Mile Island-era groups called the Reactors (six, if you count Oklahoma's Los Reactors) makes a certain amount of sense, but three at the same time called the Red Squares? "Modern Roll" comes from the Phoenix combo. The Ottawa competition is extensively bootlegged elsewhere - and there's info and audio from the Brighton [UK] band at Sonic Mike Stephens is still rocking in Phoenix with '77 punkers Trailer Park Zorro, and Rave Up has a full Red Squares LP...

RED TIDE -It's More a Feeling 2:48//Kelp& Salal EP (Toxic Shock 004) Victoria, BC '84: RED TIDE did an excellent punk-core EP for Toxic Shock (#4)in '84. Guitarist ChristianProhom and drummer Ken Jensen went on to D.O.A., but Ken diedin 1995. Chris also played with the Dayglo Abortions and has newermaterial online with Zed and solo.

REDS -Automatic Boy 2:57 (Go-Go 0001) Philadelphia '78 first 45
-Whatcha Doin to Me 3:04 from first LP: Philadelphia '79:
Up in Philly, straight-ahead punk was mostly something that came in from out-of-town, despite The Reds' best efforts (it didn't help that the Boneheads and the Stickmen never made it to vinyl). The Reds' indie stuff and their debut LP are highly worthwhile, however... Leaders Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen are still playing together: their newest CD is 2007's "Fugitives From The Laughing House" CD on Tarock Music. Samples and lots more at

MIKE REP & the QUOTAS -Rocket to Nowhere 3:14 [edit] (Moxie 1008) Columbus, OH '75: Punk rock had roots in all kinds of places, but precisely how it came to flourish in the late '70s is a bit harder to nail down. The Sex Pistols can be blamed fairly directly on the Ramones and the Modern Lovers (okay, and Malcolm), but how the U.S. got from the Stooges to the Pagans involves a murkier genealogy. At any rate, there was a glorious mid-70s Ohio art-and-noise scene that spawned Pere Ubu, Rocket from the Tombs, the Mirrors, the Styrenes, X-X, the Numbers Band, and Mike Rep and the Quotas. Now, none of these bands were punks by any usual definition, but they all played plenty loud now and then: the aforementioned Pagans were merely the first Ohio band to cut a second record with the same sound as the first... But from 1975, Mike Rep's "Rocket to Nowhere" features one of those riffs that shoulda changed the world, except hardly anyone ever heard it. The pressing and production on their barely-distributed 45 didn't help, either. Mike says there were only two tracks in the first place, which then got muddled into mono. We've tidied up what we can. (True lo-fi fans should search out the 'Quotas LP on Siltbreeze for the "original" and much more ...or less.) 2005 brings us Mike Rep & the Quotas' blazing "Black Hole Rock" on Mike's Old Age / New Age label (#005)

RERUNS -So So Alone 2:47 (Spider 102) Detroit'78: on the Romantics' first label: TheReruns hailed from the louder fringes of the Detroit powerpopscene: "So Alone" is from their first 45 on the Romantics'first label. (see Teenline #1).

RHYTHM PIGS -Radio Silence (Unclean 004)El Paso '84: El Paso's Rhythm Pigsalso moved to San Francisco where they cut at least two LPs, buttheir EP with "Radio Silence" remains one of punk'sgreatest bargains... Singer (and long-time journalist) Ed Ivey now books bands in the Bay Area andplays with the Brass Monkey Brass Band and the Faraway Brothers.

RISE -Hotline 3:17 / Be Together Again (Azra)L.A. '81: Rise formed in high schoolin '77: they auditioned sophomore Tom Araya [Slayer] as a bassist,but his mom decided they'd be a bad influence on him The firstthree Rise singles came on colored (and sometimes shaped) vinyl,while "Hotline" had an etched B-side --on same Azralabel as the legendary Funeral EP.

ROACH MOTEL -Creep 1:14 // Roach & RollEP (Destroy [001]/14214) Gainesville, FL '82 / Roach Motel -Frenzy1:23 // What The Hell It's Roach Motel EP (Destroy 004) '84: Gainesville's Roach Motel cut a pair of scarce7"s added a couple tracks to the first "We Can't HelpIt" Florida compilation EP. Roach Motel's George Tabb reappearedin the False Prophets and has labored more recently with primooldfartpunx Iron Prostate. Jeff H. is now with the Drug Czars.And Roach Motel have all their stuff out again on CD! (There's a great Florida punk historyonline at Bob Suren's SoundIdea website.)

RONNIE & the RAYGUNS -Nancy's China2:23 (Broken Dish 0001) S.F. '82: Ronnie & the Rayguns did a one-off in 1982, shortly after the news of NancyReagan's expensive new White House dinnerware broke. ScenesterPaul Stubblebine produced. Singer Paul (Ronnie) Taylor and guitaristNick Evanson are now with the Montara Mountain Boys.

RPA -Bonecrusher 3:04 (RPA) Seattle '81:When the Lewd left Seattle for L.A.,Brad Ramels stayed behind and formed RPA (Raging PeasantArmy, if anyone's asking) along with Dan "Roach"Bradshaw [Refuzors]. They later did Wolfpack and now the Sumatra Dragons.Just this one 45 from 1981, notable for having a color-photocopyPS...of a strictly black & white image.

RUBBER CITY REBELS -Paper Dolls 2:35 (FlamingOrange/RCR 926) '79: The Rubber City Rebels came out of the similarlyvaried Akron scene (Devo, Bizarros, Tin Huey) a short ways tothe east. No 45s til 1979, when they'd moved to L.A., then cuttwo poprock classics, and a fine LP produced by the Nerves' JackLee. (Buzz Clic's brother Bob was in the Lewd, btw.) RCR havea Euro tour and new vinyl/CD on Smog Veil.

JOY RYDER & AVIS DAVIS -Nasty Secretary2:05 (Monongo 1) N.Y.C. '79: Joy Ryder ruledas the queen of New York punkwave for years, with and withoutAvis Davis, but not much of it ended up on vinyl. "NastySecretary" was her first, loudest and fastest. Nowadays it'sJoyRyder and the NY Rhythm All-Stars.

SADONATION -On Whom They Beat 1:28 / Mom & Pop Democracy 2:28 (Trap 006) Portland '80: Portland's Sadonation cut a great female-vox punk 45 for Greg Sage's Trap label and a solid (more hardcore-tinged) LP in '82. A couple of'em also played with the Jackals.

SAIGON -Life Is So Fun 1:05 (WW III) Orange County '81: Soon after Orange County metalcore punks Saigon recorded "Life is So Fun" in 1981, Legal Weapon swiped their rhythm section, Adam 'Bomb' Maples and Eddie Wayne. Adam got tapped for Guns & Roses just as they broke up, and later did the Sea Hags and the Earthlings. Look for Jesse Bingamon's Hip Bottle (2003).

SAUCERS -I Didn't Get It 1:25 (Saucers/Orange) New Haven, CT '79: first 45: The first Saucers 45 may have been the loudest item to come out of the New Haven punk-scene, although they weren't exactly home-grown. Craig Bell (Rocket from the Tombs, Mirrors: "Muckraker" was an old Mirrors tune) and Seth Tiven (Dumptruck, kid brother of Jon [Prix, Chilton, Yankees]) did two 45s (their second A-side appears on Teenline #102) and cut several additional tracks soon out on Grand Theft Audio CD.

SCHEMATIX -Second Story 2:30 / Nothing Special2:24 (Subliminal) California '80: TheSchematix started off life in Santa Cruz as the politically-chargedX-Dreamists (they're name-checked on the Deaf Club comp LP), butafter a founding member split for the UK, they became the Schematix.There's an LP's worth of recordings, but their 3-song EP with"Nothing Special" and "Second Story" was allthey released before they broke up. Jill Fido joined the HolySisters of Gaga Dada (on Bomp!)and now teaches college history (by way of her band The OtherWoman): look for her book on 20th-century women's intimate apparelin late 2002. Marco Mysterioso sadly died of AIDS in 2000 whileworking to organize a national rent strike.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICANS -Get It For Les 2:10// Beyond Rational Thought EP: (Tekno Tunes 020) Western MA '80:The Scientific Americans minedpunk, new wave, and 1960s pop-culture (pro wrestling, the TV Jetsons'"Eep Op Ork Ah Ah") over the course of this EP, threeflexis, at least two full-length cassettes and a German split45. Wildly erratic, but all sorta interesting: there may be aSci Ams compilation in the works (see also Homework #2).

SCOOTER & THE WORMS -Sharon [edit 1:04](SMS) Kalamazoo, MI '81: Scooter & the Worms recorded two cool hippie-punk EPs in Kalamazoo, Michiganin 1980-82? "Sharon" is from their first: for the FULLstory, see their website...

SCRAPS -Strike Three 2:37 (Scraps 01263)Chicago '80: The Scraps assembledthemselves in Chicago from the "scraps" of two earlierbands, the Ants and Quarry. "Strike 3"'s a fine obscure1980 punk'n'roller, and they've got three other MP3s availableonline through IUMA.

SCREAM -Generation 80 2:25 (Immortal Nuts)Alameda CA '82: Scream released a classicpunk-core EP in 1982, then abruptly had to change their name,so they reissued it with almost identical artwork as Rebels andInfidels, who later put out an LP and a cassette on the Fowl label(Legionnaires Disease, Fuck-Ups). Ron Hamilton and Jerry Lawrencenext did the Siamese Triplets (2 cassettes). You can sample Ron'sCDs and his current project, "A Hank Williams Story"at his website.

SECTOR FOUR -Jump on You 1:54 (Destroy 003)Tallahassee, FL '83: Sector Four pressedone EP on Roach Motel's "Destroy" label and added twotracks to the We Can't Help It EP. Maximum Rock&Rollcaught them talking with Ian McKaye, but they never made itout of Florida. Drummer/vocalist Paul Suhor went on to HarleyKrishna (who re-made a bunch of S4 songs) and now records in hisown studio and teaches stop-smoking hypnosis at Rainbow gatherings.Web-site and MP3s coming soon...

SHIRKERS -Drunk & Disorderly 2:32 (Limp003) D.C. '78: The Shirkers"Drunk & Disorderly" is a trash-punk masterpiece,but the sound, well, it's either wall-of-mud (H2D has no particularproblem with that) or a cleaner but almost guitar-free remix onthe Best of Limp comp. They only played one gig, and brokeup shortly after the 45. (There are 500 copies each of two sleeves,both released at the same time.) Tom Kane (Slickee Boy Kim's bro)did time in the Dark and the VelvetMonkeys [Homework #4 & 5], JeffZang played in Kim Kane's Date Bait, and Libby Hatch went on toTru Fax & the Insaniacs [H2D #12, 21]: she died in a late '90s accident.R.I.P.

SHOCK -We Were That Noise 3:17 (Downtown502) L.A. '78: The earliest of theL.A. contingent on this volume of H2D is Shock's underratedsecond 45, "We Were That Noise." Like their classicfirst, it came Dangerhouse-style, with a 3/4 sleeve on coloredvinyl. (Their first was red, this one blue, and the unreleased3rd was to be on white...) Actually, an entire LP's worth gotleft in the can (reissue coming on Rave Up and...). Steve Reinawent on to the L.A. Silencers -no relation to the major-labelpop band. His bandmates there became Legal Weapon.

SIC F*CKS -Chop up Your Mother 1:15 / Rockor Die 1:11 (Sozyamudda FEZZ73154) N.Y.C. '82: Adny Shernoff produced a couple great Rezillos snotpunk-waversfor Dictators' scenesters the Sic F*cks: their only release.Leader Jim Maresca is ex-Cheese [Teenline #7?] has recentlybeen (glam) rockin with the Young and Fabulous: his newest isSkum (try their MP3s!). Former drummer (and ex-Comateen) HarryViderci is also active in NYC doing handsome solo trash-punk...

SILLIES -Is There Lunch After Death 2:36(Nebula 2) Detroit '79: The Silliestook their name quite seriously: "Is there Lunch AfterDeath" was only par for the course. "Ben Waugh"hollered lead and ran their label, Nebula (see Homework#7 & 8), but the rest of the band was in more or less permanentflux. Their only 45 featured Bob Mulrooney & Vince Bannonex-Coldcock, and an entirely different cast appeared on 1981'sDetroit on a Platter. They reunited in 2002. There's anonlinehistory at Scott Campbell's site and some Sillies MP3s available for your listeningpleasure...

SILLY KILLERS -Knife Manual 1:45 (No Threes007) Seattle '82: The Silly Killerswere the last of three terrific punk bands on the excellent NoThrees label to share a drummer named Duff McKagan. His latercareer in Guns'n'Roses probably kept more punks from checkingout "Knife Manual" than it attracted Leader Chris "Slats"Harvey now helms a band called Pain Cocktail.

SINS -Fighting In The USA 1:02 (Black Noise) San Bernadino, CA '82: The Sins' sole 45 appeared on White Flag's first label --they did a metalcore-tinged LP in '86. Guitarist Tony Fate is ex-Reactors [H2D #1], pre-Grey Spikes & Bellrays.

63 MÖNRÖE -Cyanide 2:31 / GoodbyeGuyana 1:29 // N.F.G. EP (Can. Nardem 005) London, Ontario '80

63 MÖNRÖE -Strike Three 2:55 unreleased:from demo tape 1985: London, Ontario: 63 Mönröereleased their debut 12" just as they changed their namefrom NFG. According to guitarist Marky Burnham, "As NFG wewere having trouble getting bookings.We were quite 'old school'at the time and got a reputation for extreme anti-social behaviourtherefore not many clubs in our locale wanted to take a chancewith us." At their first gig as 63M, a fan pointed out thatMs. Monroe had actually died in 1962, but the name stuck.They never recaptured the punk fervor of "Cyanide,"but 63 Mönröe's final effort was a solid unreleased1985 demo-tape. It's a major improvement over their 45s, but theynever recaptured the snotty brilliance of their 1980 "NFG"EP... See the 63M websiteand SpeedCity Records for more.

SKUNKS -Gimme Some 2:24 //from double EP(Skunks 2/3) Austin, TX '79: The Skunkstrack comes from their second (and third) single [it appears ontheir first LP as well] that was released in a variety of packages,either with a gatefold PS, a poster, or clear-plastic sleeveswith stickers... There's a great live CD out now on their own label and a vinylretrospective on RaveUp.

SLUGS -Problem Child 2:57 (Whiplash 104) N.Y.C. '79 / SLUGS -Never Should Have Told You 3:05 (Whiplash 105) N.Y.C. '80 second 45: After the [initial] demise of the Corpse Grinders (H2D #5) ex-New York Doll Rick Rivets joined Ray Jalbert[Gilbert], Lenny Lazers, Mark Gotkin and Kenny Lewitt in the Slugs for two excellent 45s -also on Andy Doback's fine Whiplash label. Neither originally came with a sleeve, though Andy had one planned, which he eventually got to use in the early '80s when he re-released the leftover Slugs 45s as a deuce-pack. There's a couple Slugs chapters in Donna Raines' Misfits Manifesto ...and comprehensive Slugs / Whiplash retrospectives are still rumored.

SNUKY TATE -Stage Speech (Blackmouth 22679)S.F. '79: People tend to take the class-warfareaspect of first-generation California punk way too seriously:the much-publicized fights between punks and surfers had far moreto do with differences of appearance than anything socio-economic.And lyrically, there wasn't much that could pass for serious social[pace John & Exene] or political [the Kinman brothers,anyone?] insight. And race? Something from another planet. Butthere WAS violence -however aimless and unfocused- and nowhere,apart from the muddy mix of The Decline and Fall, was itbetter documented than on Snuky Tate's immortal "StageSpeech." A live, all-time top ten punk-tune with gobbingand beer-bottles breaking on guitar-strings The B-sides are brilliant,too. The backing band is most of the San Francisco Mutants,who sadly (or perhaps wisely) failed to lend their services toSnuky's Offs/Funktionaries-style follow-up, "He's the Pope."

SOCIAL UNREST -Making Room For Youth 1:55(Infra Red) Hayward, CA '81: Social Unrestdebuted with 1981's "Making Room for Youth," then addeda 12" and a pile of LPs. Their latest (featuring boththeir singers named Jason) is "New Lows" on New Red Archives -who've also reissued the2-CD "Social Unrest: Complete Studio Recordings." Here'sa nice SocialUnrest fan-site.

SOREX -Tell Me The Rules 2:44 // Portraitof a Prisoner EP (S/X R-T 001) L.A. '84: Sorex hailed -briefly- from Redondo Beach. Leader Andy Kreaturewas an SST scenester, and 1984 found Sorex sharing practice spacewith Black Flag, SWA and the Descendents. Only 200 copies weremade of their "Portrait of a Prisoner" EP.

SPLATCATS -Down & Out [demo tape] Buffalo, NY '85: Buffalo's Splatcats cut an excellent 7" EP and a terrific demo before their first 12". From the '85 demo, here's "Down & Out." Clarke "Shaggy" Fulkerson is now in Doombuggy. Check out their terrific "Blow Your Soul" CD.

SPYS -Underground 3:14 (Can. CBS SpecialProducts) Windsor, ONT '80: Speakingof bands with the same name, there are NO bands called the Spies.(Well, there was Adam Five & the Spies, who were ex-Babeez...)But at least FOUR bands misspelled themselves as the Spys.The Spys of Windsor, Ontario did one prodigiously rare 45 withtwo different sleeves, courtesy of competing factions in the band.One of them liked the Battered Wives and the Mods, while the otherthanked the Dry Heaves and Fred "Sonic" Smith...

STAINS -Feel Guilty 1:52 / Give IrelandBack to the Snakes 2:04 (Gutterworst) Portland, Maine/Boston '80:The Stains were sort of from Boston,sort of from Portland Maineand one of'em was English. You'd think"Give Ireland Back to the Snakes" would've provokedsome immortal brawls down at Cantones, but despite scoresof gigs, the Stains attracted little notice The bottom line? straight-aheadpunk never really made it in Boston, despite this and theLa Peste 45. The Stains amazing EP came with funky clear-and-blackvinyl and a self-destructing PS. Some later recordings turnedup as a limited '89 LP, but stay tuned for an amazing live LPon Rave Up later in 2002 (see

STEVE STILETTO & the SWITCHBLADES -A.O.T. 2:44 (Razor 001) Jacksonville, FL '85: Stevie Stiletto & the Switchblades are still around and touring, and they've got 14 LPs since their gloriously nasty debut. "A.O.T." stands for Authority on Thrash: it's some kind of skins-versus-punks-versus posers thing, but it's not at all clear about who's the "never was-has-been" or the "egg-headed beach-queer"... Check out Stevie's current adventures at

STIPHNOYDS -Mom's A Fake 2:05 (Trap 3) Portland'80: The Stiphnoyds were1980buzz-punkers from Portland on Greg Sage's Trap label. Greg showedhis appreciation for their handsome bashing by swiping drummerBrad Naish for the Wipers' Youth of America... Check outlive '79 MP3s, photos, etc. at

STRANGLEHOLD -One Step Closer // EP (One Step ES-022) Boston '83: Ex-Jerry's Kids and pre-Gang Green & Oysters members Stranglehold did a classic melodic punk EP that got NO distribution, then had a posthumous 45. (Everything's now reissued on Taang CD.)

SUICIDE COMMANDOS -Mark He's a Terror 2:33(P.S.) Mineapolis '77 second 45

-Attacking the Beat 1:30 // Make a RecordLP (Blank 002) Minneapolis '78

-Burn it Down 2:15 / Complicated Fun 2:50// Commandos Commit Suicide LP: Minnesota'sSuicide Commandos were certainly loud, but it'd be a stretchto call them punks in the conventional sense: they'd have soundedthe same way even if the Ramones and the Sex Pistols had neverexisted. Their two 45s have some fine moments, but everyone shouldown their "Make a Record"LP. Two other cuts come fromtheir final gig, released as a very limited souvenir LP on TwinTone (Who're hoping tohave all the essential Commandos stuff on CD soon). SingerSteve Almaaswent on to Crackers & BeatRodeo and has a stack of handsome 1990s pop LPs out: his newestis available from Parasol...(...and see that BigHits of the Midwest Vol. 3 LP).

SWINGERS RESORT -Rockets and Rose 2:38 (SwingingSingles 001) Boston '81: Much closerto the Boston punkwave mainstream were Swingers' Resort:"Rockets and Rose" sounded so much like a Neighborhoodssong that many folks never realized it was a different band DrummerTom Bull went on to the Outlets and many others. B.C. Kagan becamea lot more famous as a photographer (pix online.)

TAXI BOYS -UpIs Up 3:03 (Star Rhythm 1002) Boston '82: Noneof John Felice's bands were really punk, but the Taxi Boys'two EPs (one large, one small) rocked plenty loud'n'hard.Most all of the Real Kids long discography is now handsomely reissuedon Norton althoughsome Taxi Boys stuff may still be unavailable.

TEENAGE DEPRESSION -Frat Party 0:55 // Skankor Die EP (Bulldada 1) NJ '86: Teenage Depression listed their bassist's college address in Providence,RI on the sleeve, so lotsa people (including us) thought theywere from the wrong place, but it all makes a WHOLE lot more senseknowing they came from New Providence, NJ.

TELEFONES -The Ballad of Jerry Godzilla3:01 (VVV 002) Dallas '79-80:

-Bowling 3:03 // Vibration Change LP (VVVLP-001) Dallas '80: The Telefones (formerlyE=MC2) were pretty varied musically, but they've got a helluvapedigree. "Jerry Godzilla," the second release on Dallas'legendary VVV label, featured all three of the Dirxx brothersex-Bobby Soxx, plus Will Clay ex-Vomit Pigs & Superman's Girlfriend."Bowling" is off their first of two LPs --also on VVV.

TERMINAL MIND -I Want To Die Young 2:41(No Records) Austin '80: Terminal Mindcut a pretty-good (and pretty rare) punk'n'roll 45 in 1980, thenparted company. Bassist/vox Steve Marsh went on to the KamikazeRefrigerators, leader Doug Murray joined the Skunks, and his brother Gregbecame the Big Boys' #2 drummer after brief stops in the Skunksand Jerry's Kids.

MARC THOR -Love Sucks 2:01 (Indy TRAK1)Boston '79: Marc Thor was another earlyRathskellar star: all told, he did two 45s, a track on Live atthe Rat (backed by DMZ) and a flexi. 1979's "Love Sucks"is his punkiest, but it got ignored for it's super- catchy punkwaveflip (Homework #2); his first is on Teenline #2.Two the "Love" band's rhythm section backed Willie Alexanderthrough the early '80s.

THUNDERTRAIN -Hot for Teacher 2:37 (Jelly003) Boston '76 second: When "Hotfor Teacher" came out in 1976, Mach Bell's Thundertrain fetched allkinds of positive press from folks like Trouser Press andBomp! and "Teacher" sold (a couple) thousands...It's a classic example of Rat-rock -what basically took theplace of punk in Boston. (Another prime illustration would bethe Nervous Eaters' "Loretta".) There's an even earlier45 and a prettycool LP. (One odd thing about early Boston 45sis that unlike everywhere else, the very indie, black & whitepaper sleeves always indicate a later pressing. Bands usedto spend all kindsa bucks on color and heavy cardboard, like theblack-and-silver on red jobbie that first graced "Teacher.")Mach Bell went on to Mag 4 and did a lengthy stint as vocalist#3 for the Joe Perry Project before Joe rejoined Aerosmith. Gulcher's just reissuedthe complete Thundertrain story on CD.

TOOLS -Adopted Procedure 2:38 (Work 1000)San Francisco '79 first

TOOLS -Hard Wark 3:24 (Subterranean 6) S.F.'80 second

TOOLS -Asexuality in the 80s 2:01 // #3EP (Subterranean11) San Francisco '81: H2D#12 featured cuts from the each of three 7"s by San Francisco'sTools. No one's ever quite figured out all the guitarist-swappingand general inbreeding of the extended Negative Trend family tree,but the Tools mixed it up with the best of them Mike Fox wenton to anchor Sick Pleasure & Code of Honor, while Greg Bakerdid B-Team and co-founded Yo(major Homework faves).

TOT ROCKET AND THE TWINS -What Did You Expect3:02 (Trace Elements) N.Y.C. '80

TOT ROCKET AND THE TWINS -Reduced 2:40 (Whiplash010) N.Y.C. '80 second

TOT ROCKET & the TWINS -24 Hour Protection//Security Risk EP (Trace Elements) N.Y.C. '81 third: Another long-time NYC scenester is guitaristRobertPoss, who achieved his greatest visibility with Band of Susans (yes, originally it was himand at least three Susans). Tot Rocket & the Twinswas his 1980-81 punk band, and allowing for a certain indebtednessto the Clash and sundry other limeys, they cranked out three terrificEPs (with at least 6 different sleeves). Here's a little bit fromeach of them. TR&T's first, when they were still based inNew Haven, appeared on the noteworthy Whiplash label (Slugs, KillerKane, Corpse Grinders, Plan 9). Ron Spitzer is pre-When People were Shorter++.

TOXIN III -Again 1:22 (Vinyl Solution 8072)Crowley, Louisiana '82: Toxin III haveto take the prize for the greatest-ever non-black & whitepunk sleeve: it's a Confederate stars-and-bars with the ends bentoff to make a swastika. And this from a band a hundred miles deeperinto the bayous than David Duke's old stomping grounds... Andtalk about creepy prescience: ten years after Toxin III recorded"I Rock I Ran," Saddam Hussein is lobbing warheads packedwith anthrax toxin III around the Middle East, and ten years afterthat, it's Al Quaeda and white supremacists mailingthe same toxins around the U.S. Anyway, "(Happened) Again"is brilliant '81-82 punkcore. We've remastered all the the ToxinIII tracks for the "Iraq.Iran. Again." CD reissued hereand on LP from Rave Up Records later in 2003. Leader/songwriterChrisCart has a fine live CD of Toxin III's later, punkcore soundplus a CD from his next band Bubba Daddy. Bass/vox Don Spicernext did a great roots-punk EP with Our Favorite Band before theygot signed and hitched onto the great jangle-band bandwagon Snufflix,R.O.T., and Otis are further ex-T3 bands.

TRACKS -Bombs Away 2:34 (Blue Door) Boston/N.Y.C.'77: The Tracks probably deservecredit as the undiscovered gem of this lot: they played both Bostonand New York City frequently in the late '70s, but left just thisone 1977 single behind: both sides are punk'n'roll genius... Theirbassist had been in Boston ur-wavers Bonjour Aviators. Lorry Dollpublished Neon fanzine which became Neon TV in NYC, andshe and Jeff Rey remained active on the New York punk/hard rock/metalscene as the Doll-Reys and the Wild Ones up until Lorry's deathin 1999. Jeff's got a great Tracks/Lorry website up (called "Brakesonyou",natch).

THE TREND -Peer Pressure 2:42 from BatmanLive at Budokan LP (Northside) Syracuse '82

THE TREND -Officer Friendly 2:29 (unreleaseddemo) Syracuse '84: The Trend's "OfficerFriendly" was the lead track from the final recording session:Syracuse, '84. It never made it to vinyl, but we think it's oneof the finest things they ever did. Guest bassist on this track,btw, is Eric Dailey, who became Shelter's drummer. The Trend'sentire vinyl output is reissued on LP from Hate Records, Italy.

JUSTIN TROUBLE -No Love 2:28 (Casino) N.Y.C.'81: Justin Trouble (a/k/a Justin Love)kicked around the NYC scene for a decade or more, but he's bestin collaboration with guitarist Louie Louie. His/their first 45was produced by Johnny Thunders, who also co-wrote "No Love,"a choice bit of Heartbreakers punk-pop. (See also Teenline#2.)

TRU FAX & the INSANIACS -Washingtron3:06 (Wasp 15) D.C. '80

TRU FAX & the INSANIACS -The Twin 2:53/ Pinned Under a Jet 2:56 // Mental Decay EP (Wasp 12) D.C. '80:Tru Fax & the Insaniacs did twofine punkwave records: the "Washingtron" 7" anda vastly under-rated 12" on Bill Asp's Wasp label. This firstversion of the band also featured Libby Hatch ex-Shirkers.Tim Carter went on to French are from Hell. See the Tru Fax website.Four live tracks appear on the 9:30 Club double CD.

TRUTH: Doin' Nothin' 2:29 // EP #1 (StoneHigh 1004) Detroit '84: The Truthturned up on the Ann Arbor/Motor City scene in '84, although theirlabel was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Several minor variationsof their PS and insert suggest they sold through at least twopressings We're still trying to figure out if any of them playedanywhere else, but "Doin Nothin" would be ace thugpunk'n'rollin any scene...

THE 27 -Catastrophe 2:01 (Tremor 006) Detroit'78: Detroit's Twenty-Sevenput out one 45 in 1978 and added a couple later tracks to theDetroit Defaces the '80s compilation -both on the worthwhileTremor label (Cinecyde, etc.), but everybody but the vocalistsplit for NYC after this handsomely keyboard-driven punker.

TYROS -Parasites 3:14 (Widget 001) Pacific Grove, CA '79: The Tyros came from Pacific Grove in '79, cut one chunky snot-punk anthem with a Nerves/Paul Collinsy B-side...and disappeared. Walt McKee is ex-JJ180 [=Realtors].

URBN DK -EP:Mass Grave 2:04 (own label) Zion IL '82 first: From Zion, IL, the hometown of the Shoes, a stone'sthrow from the Wisconsin border came URBN DK, with a thunderingpunkmetal chug worthy of the Tanks -or maybe the Wipers on somethingreally nasty, like PCP. They've got a bunch more recordsas an indie-metal band, a few tracks on Grand Theft Audio, and theirown website...

U.S. CHAOS -Don't Wanna Live 3:05 (US-114) NJ/D.C. '84: U.S. Chaos playedD.C. & New Jersey after the first wave of Dischord bands hadpretty much shot their wad. But the vaguely military look andpose may have discouraged the straightedgers and MRR types-as well as the hardcore-haters and the oi fans- from embracingU.S.C.'s retro-punk sounds as enthusiastically as they might have..."Don't Wanna Live" and all their other early stuff isavailable from New Jersey's Punkrock Records on their "Complete ChaosAnthology." Check the U.S.Chaos website for much more...

VAMPS -Used to be Cool 2:51 (Beehive 101)San Antonio, TX '79 [?]

VAMPS -Carving Knife [from double 45] 2:26(Beehive 103/4) San Antonio '80: Thingswere pretty quiet in San Antonio -except for The Vamps,who opened for the Sex Pistols at Randy's Rodeo and cut eightsolid sides on the Beehive label. "Cool" comes fromtheir first; "Knife" is from their double-45 third.Leader Frank Pugliese went on to the Mystery Dates and now playswith Sons of Hercules (on Get Hip).

VAST MAJORITY -Wanna Be a Number 2:54 (WildDog 001) Houston '80: Houston's VastMajority cranked out "Wanna be a Number" -an awe-inspiringlyinept DIYpunker from their 3-song 1980 single. Two additionaltracks appeared on the first Sacred Cattle 7" a few yearsback, and there's a live radio tape in circulation, all of whichwe've lovingly compiled into What Do You Want To Be--a soon-to-be lo-fi classic on H2D. Singer Scott "BergenBelsen" Telles is now with neo-psych stars ST-37.

VEX -Here Come the Cops 1:48 (Stolen 11915) Macon, GA '84: Vex appeared in Macon well after Pylon, the DB crowd and REM’s jangling minions had pretty much obliterated any traces of Georgia punkdom. But the Vex’s inspired fusion of punk and bubble-wave ignored the whole jangly mess and mainlined instead from Dangerhouse and the Dickies. Later projects included Stiff Nixons, Cereal Killers and Jupiter Coyote. No relation to The Vex from Houston…

VICTIMS OF SOCIETY -When You're Young 3:11(Trebb 004) N.Y. '83: Victims of Societyhappened along in one of those patches when punk really did seemdead (1983), and they weren't paying quite enough attention toUK/No Future graphics to make it with the americanOi crew, whoshould have been their natural audience... Two of themare now in TrueRumor, whosewebsite features some very cool V.o.S. artifacts...

VINNY -Rock'n'Roll Housewife 3:57 (Pasta1978) Boston '78: [The] Vinny[Band] were longtime crowd-pleasers from Boston's North Shoreand the Rat-rock'n'roll scene. Band-leader Ralph Fatello ran throughfive or six years of Vinnies, a one-off with the Gremies, anda mainstream experiment as Semper Fi (yeah, he's a Marine). "Rock'n'Roll Housewife" comes from the Vinny Band's very scarce1978 first. There was a lost session of more straight-ahead stufffor Ace of Hearts that could be out in 2002: Ralph's now playing blues'n'rollwith the Nor'Easters and doing web-design,but his major passion is surfing (try surfing in the North Altantic365 days in a row). Check out for online movies and more.

VISIGOTHS -In Dedham 1:56 // Where's Howdy's EP (Rexco ESS-030) Boston '85: Boston probably had the nation's loudest and briefest hardcore scene: the few bands that stumbled out of it intact, like the F.U.s/Straw Dogs and SSD, generally turned toward metal, rather than punk. But the next wave were garage-bands, and though -on the low-fi end- the Dogmatics got wider recognition for their distinctive brand of Budweisered garage-punk'n'roll, the Visigoths did it a whole lot better. But the Visigoths were so homely, so agreeable, so willing to play for such lousy money, and their posters and record-covers were so cheerily crude that hardly anyone took them seriously. The tunes were great, though, and "In Dedham" is a good taste of why, if they'd been assholes, they'd probably've been stars.

VISITORS -Death of a Gunfighter (Three Equals One 0001) Miami '83: After a rather remarkable DIY-punk solo EP and a bunch of church and coffee-house gigs with a band called Genesis 1:1, Christian punk-rocker Julio Rey hit the South Florida scene with the Visitors, whose 1983 45 has been a long-time favorite of even the most secular punk-collectors. After that came 3 [?] solid singles and 2 LPs with the Lead that made the transition from melodic punk to hardcore while substantially cranking up the religious content (it remains a bit obscure in "Death of a Gunsfighter"). After that came a decade of grindcore with Frank's Enemy and several solo outings --all of which are now on Rey's label.

VKTMS -100% White Girl 1:53 (415 Records#10) S.F. '80: The VKTMS releaseda track on the S.F. Underground compilation EP and two singles:the rare (and widely bootlegged) "Midget" EP, and amore successful (and much more common) second, with "100%White Girl," on Howie Klein's 415 label [Mutnts, SVT, RomeoVoid, Red Rockers++]). Sadly, vocalist Nyna Crawford died in May2000. Check out the VKTMS website. Almost all of their recordingsare now reissued on BrokenRekids.

VOODOO IDOLS -Dead Air 3:35 from 2nd 45(Vee Dee CLAP2) Tampa '82

VOODOO IDOLS -Do the Kirk 2:52 (Vee DeeCLAP1) Tampa '82

VOODOO IDOLS -Screwed Up 2:13 // TemptationEP (VeeDee NR15765) Tampa '84: Fromthe always-reliable South Florida punk-scene come the VoodooIdols, who did two singles and two LPs between '82 and '84.(They also had an '89 LP as the Barons of Love.) Their awesomelycrunchy use of horns ranks with the Flesheaters, if not amongthe Saints themselves Their first 45 (with "Kirk") comesin a multicolored spray-painted stenciled sleeve.

VORES -Amateur Surgeon 2:16 / Get Outta My Way 1:13 (Family Only BOP3 C) Buffalo '78: Northern New York State was justifiably more famed for its powerpop and garage bands, but the punks still made plenty of noise when it suited them. Buffalo's Vores released their 4 track EP (whence "Get Out of My Way," an early punk take on road-rage) in 1978, before they'd even played out. They debuted in support of Buffalo's Enemies (whose vocalist Fred Mann sang lead in the Vores' final incarnation). More songs/further info and their "Moment of Uncertainty" CD are available at

THE WAGES -Pushit to the Limit 2:43 (Destiny 8041) Boston '80: Hard to call it a scene, but the Destiny label in NewHampshire quietly released a handful of pretty amazing 45s between1979 and '81: The Genral Foodz, GG Allin (okay, that's a wretchedrecord), The TKOs, Stone Garden, and The Wages (among others).As usual, Destiny's same-on-both-sides pic-sleeves lack band-information,so the Wages' saga remained a mystery 'til rocker-turned-airline-pilot(turned rocker again) Marc O'Brien found us. Turns out they werefrom Somerville MA, and added a 1983 LP before fading from thescene.

WAYWARD YOUTH -Do You Wanna 2:09 (VinylSolution 001) New Orleans '79: In 1979Wayward Youth was the first release on the legendary NewOrleans punk-store label Vinyl Solution, who also released tracksfrom the Manic Depressives, Red Rockers and Toxin 3. Darius Kaliland Ricky Rockett are now playing with the Men in Black (who still harbor plans for worlddomination with a website and CD).

WHITE FLAG -Trying for Kicks 1:57 from SkateAcross Europe EP (Mystic SuperSeven SS7EP212) L.A. '86: Despite a dozen or so releases on 6 or 7 labels, PatFear's White Flag mostly got lost in the shuffle betweenhardcore, the skaters and California tradpunx. And "Tryingfor Kicks" went largely unheard amidst the vinyl blizzardof black-and-white-sleeved 45s that was Doug Moody's 1980s Mysticempire. It looks like Ken Decter from Florida's underappreciated"F" (who also expired on Mystic) joins them on guitarhere.

WHITEBOYS -Maybe I Do 3:44 (Sunrise Music)Orange, NJ '78: pre-Ambulance: Membersof Orange, NJ's Whiteboys twice missed their shot at punkfame. Their only 45 has been kicking around for years in a "promotional-only"version that never had a PS. Radio and fanzines utterly ignoredit and it never made it to retail. (Who knows if they ever gigged).Then they reconstituted as Ambulance and did a great 45 with a nebbishy pink PS that nevereven made the 50-cent bins, although it has belatedly ascendedinto the KBD whacko$phere.

WIPERS -Does it Hurt 1:54 (Trap 1) Portland, OR '78 first: Portland's Wipers aren't/weren't really a punk band, but most everything on their early singles was non-LP. "Does it Hurt", from their debut 7", is their punkiest. Greg still has some copies left at his Zeno Studios / Wipers website...

WALTER WOLFF -Class 'A' Life / Placebo World // unreleased demo: NYC '83: Notorious Houston punk/misanthrope Walter Wolff was a founder of Legionares Disease (who first released "Placebo World") and later played with AK-47 and many others. He played guitar with Vast Majority on their amazing KPFT radio tape (included on their "Who Do You Want To Be?" CD --Hyped to Death Archive Series #201). 1983 found Wolff in NYC where he cut a blazing 4-song oldschoolpunk demo with John Feehan [drums] and Skip Slaughter [bass]: H2D #4 proudly features half of it. Walter's current project is Black Like Me (contact Walter).

WRECK'N CREW -Give'em a Fight 3:44 / Radioactive Love 3:26 (Raw WC5) Cortland, N.Y. '80: Wreck'n'Crew hailed from Cortland: their 1980 single appeared on the same Raw label as the [Buffalo] Enemies. They used pseudonyms, but after their bassist booked a cell at Attica, their guitarist Earl Leticq moved to Chicago and formed the Effigies, and drummer Dave Primo gigged with Blue Cheer. Vox Rick Jankee still kicks out the jams with the Sail Inn Seamen (that's the bar he owns in Fla.) and an occasional collaboration with original Dils member Josef Marc [see Teenline #1]. CD tba.

WUSSIES -Jerry's Shy 2:03 (Headache 08) Wilton, CT '87 second 45: Connecticut's history is loaded with bands who started pretty close to punk, then drifted off into less-pogo-able musical pursuits: Lost Generation [Born-again Christianity], Saucers [retirement, Dumptruck], Reducers [solid bar-band bashing], Bleached Black [sub-Albini angst/ pose], Valley of Kings [angstjangle], etc. To say nothing of Vatican Commandos [now, of course, Moby]. But by 1987, there was a solid second generation of melodic punk bands like the Wussies. "Jerry" is their second 45, on New Jersey's more-than-usually worthwhile punkcore label, Headache: only 300 were madeEven fewer exist of #3, only sold at three shows before their vocalist died. Survivors went on to Seizure and many others.

YEAH YEAH YEAH-Hey You 3:02 (Black Vinyl) Dallas '88: Yeah Yeah Yeah were a one-off '88 supergroup based around Doug Townshend[Infants, Superman's Girlfriend, Ralphs], Deprogrammer's PaulOrr, and Barry Kooda of the Nervebreakers -another often-too-clever Dallascombo. But far from the burn-out bloat-rock y'might expect fromthese worthies, YYY bash out a gloriously unoriginal punkrockchallenge to their mouthy hardcore juniors.


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