Throbbing Lobster vinyl for sale. (at the on-line store)

When H2D was turning into a 'serious' label ten years ago, I realized I needed to make it clear that H2D was about the music I liked, independently of any value it may have had for collectors. In other words H2D was NOT going to be used as an excuse to jack up the prices on the rare (and not-so-rare) records that I had been selling for the previous 25 years. And, in fact, by 2000 I'd shut down my vinyl rare-record business completely.

But from 1984-1988 I ran a Boston-based garage-rock label called Throbbing Lobster that cranked out 18 LPs, EPs and singles (and had a couple more 'in the can') before bad luck, bad guesses and distributor rip-offs bled us dry. Most everything left was sold or lost long before the move to St. Louis (where H2D was born) and then back to Massachusetts, but kept several hundred records stored safely (some of each, I thought) for nearly 20 years. Some disks sold out at the time (Outlets) and others I apparently forgot to save (Blackjacks, Lou Miami, CLF) or save enough of (the compilations), but there is limited mint/sealed stock of most of what we did. Prices are based on current musical interest and the quantity available.

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Packing and shipping. We pack LPs and singles EXTREMELY WELL, with two thicknesses of corrugated cardboard on each side and disks separated from the sleeves. (If you want to receive your LPs still sealed, please say so in your note. By requesting sealed copies you acknowledge that H2D cannot be responsible for any split seams or other damage caused by the disks moving inside the jackets during travel, nor can we guarantee against warpage on sealed records.) We will include any original Throbbing Lobster stickers (if there are any) on the original shrinkwrap.
All vinyl will be mailed at cost (or within a dollar or so).

Meanwhile, as I was making the little MP3 samples for each of these (see the record-listings) I sorta remembered why I liked all this stuff so much back then - so a Best of Throbbing Lobster collection is still a possibility...

Happy hunting!

-Chuck Warner, H2D / Throbbing Lobster "President for Life"