Astral Glamour (Critical Tonguewag)
...a few nice things that folks have said about "Astral Glamour"
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Pitchfork Media Brian Howe writes: "Astral Glamour might be the collection by which the best punk band that no one heard finally get their due...
"Astral Glamour unites The Homosexuals' fragmentary oeuvre to reveal them as punk visionaries who were at least as questing, untamed, and ultimately listenable as any of their more renowned contemporaries. This is the sound of history revising itself toward perfection."

Dusted Magazine Alexander Provan : "The sounds on Astral Glamour show an amazing disregard for limitation. Besides producing a prolific amount of music, the band incorporated so many disparate elements in an effort to create their own sound, they collapsed boundaries all together, a figurative black hole absorbing matter, mangling it and regurgitating it anew."

The Village Voice Douglas Wolk: "The Homosexuals lived and played in London in the late '70s and early '80s, and the evidence suggests that they were magnificent. So how come nobody's ever heard of them? In part because they'd do anything to avoid the obvious, to the point of perversity...
"Most of these songs are deliberately broken; possibility spills out of their fractures."

WFMU "The New Bin" "Simply put, one of the most flawlessly great British punk/post-punk bands. And you've been told that many times by people with lots more collectable records than you or I, but in this case, believe the hype." Hear interviews with Bruno in their MP3/RealAudio audio archives.

What We Do Is Secret / MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #257
Henry Yu: "forever our lives will never be the sameA one sitting listen is mind bending. Television Personalities, Desperate Bicycles and Wire are guide posts, but then a left fielder like the nearly 6 minute instrumental "Re Entry" evoke flashes of Discipline era (King) Crimson in the best way...
"Certainly the best reissue of the year, if not the last few."

Esculpiendo milagros Norberto: "Ahora que se editan (y reeditan) decenas de discos por semana, afirmaciones del tipo "lo mejor del año" suenan cada vez más tajantes y categóricas. Ni siquiera basta un equipo de gente bien informada para indagar con suerte en la extendida cacofonía de nuestro mundo ancho y ajeno. Sin contar con que este 2004 apenas está promediando su primera mitad...
"The Homosexuals fue el secreto mejor guardado de la escena do it yourself en los agitados tiempos del post-punk británico. No me quiero extender demasiado porque les dedicaré un post más específico en cuanto logre digerir del todo estas 81 gemas de genio en su máximo estado de esplendor."

We're not entirely sure about this one...
Freelance Mentalists: Don Allred: "Spirit of punkadelica outside the laws of style and cool, and kind good, once they get a no-handle on it. But after all come to think of it including poptones, ground and oops into the goo-goo, so I guess Lydon *might* or o course certainly should have approvved this,however reluctatnly, and thus it's "post-punk" after all. Well that's a relief isn't it?"

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